Monday, 1 July 2019

MLB - June Summery

Hopefully some of you cashed in on the advice in yesterday's "London High" post, with the Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers game completing the double for Overs after the Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees game. An added bonus was that the Dodgers won the game, as they were a T-Bone selection.  

June is now in the books, as they say, and as usual it was a good month for the 'hotties'.

For the super hot teams, those at -300 or shorter, the season finally moved into the green after a shaky start:
The Basic T-Bone System took a small loss of 0.4 points on the Money Line, 3.4 points on the Run Line, but still up for the season by 8.3 and 2.95 points respectively. 
If you followed my May advice regarding Totals betting, you are probably patting yourself on the back for a wise decision, with Overs winning 62.3% of the bets in June for an ROI of 20.3% from 65 matches. 

A slightly higher ROI for the Unders, with 13 winners from the 21 selections. Numbers for the season so far, with a little historical perspective:
We're actually a little more than halfway through the regular season already , and it's only a week or so before July sees the MLB season interrupted by the All-Star break, which is being played in Cleveland this year. 

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