Monday, 15 December 2014

Caught Up

Almost there, with just a very thin midweek left to update, and overall it was another tough weekend judging by he results. The overall profit is now down to 21.17 points, but an impressive 19 (of 33) entries are currently above water.

Here are the standings after last weekend:

Fairfranco still leads by a large margin, but he is not having a good December - in fact he is currently following his November first place with a December last place! Talkies Tips still leads in the monthly competition, closely followed by TFA_Raz whose selection of Newcastle United to beat Chelsea accounts for much of that profit.

TFA_Raz and TFA Draws were the only ones playing in midweek, and both dropped one point, so the (finally) up to date table is as above with the afore-mentioned both dropping down a place. This weekend's updates, and those thereafter, will be a little more in-depth.

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