Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Brazilian Brush

I don't do the horses because as I have said previously, there is too much insider information in horse racing to which I am not privy, and I believe the sport is corrupt, so I stay away. Perhaps a good job tonight, because a commentator by the name of Mike Cattermole (ATR) called the wrong horse (Brazilian Brush) as the winner when it didn't even place, and someone (or someones I hope) had over £51k backing it at 1.01. And I believe the real winner traded for a small amount at 1000. Probably didn't seem a small amount to the layer.


Scott Ferguson said...

fair comment re inside information, but that's irrelevant if you are trading a market and locking in a profit before the race takes place.

Also, re the corruption - the legendary gambler Pittsburgh Phil says this as one of his maxims:

"There is enough natural inconsistency in horse racing without having it forced upon the public by unscrupulous men, yet there is not one-tenth of one per cent, as much crookedness on the turf as it is given credit for."

Commentators do make mistakes - people betting in-running should always confirm the colours pre-race, it's your money, no point blaming someone else for bad tips, wrong call etc....


Cassini said...

I would disagree that it is irrelevant even if you are trading. Think of the stock market and consider why insider trading is illegal. It's the same with the prices of horses - if you are at a disadvantage then you will lose in the long run.