Thursday, 19 November 2009

World Cup Ramblings

So France got past Ireland, albeit in somewhat controversial fashion, and if Uruguay get past Costa Rica, all former World Cup winners will be in South Africa next year.

Once we see the draw on December 4th, it'll be time to start getting excited. No Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic or Ukraine to name a few 'big' countries missing out, but some rare attendees, e.g. Greece, New Zealand and North Korea (I'm old enough to remember their last appearance in a World Cup at Goodison Park).

My trip to Germany for the last one really was great. If you haven't been to a World Cup finals yet, you need to go, although admittedly Germany is a lot easier to get to than South Africa. With my son now at university, I'm not sure a visit to South Africa will be practical but I live in hope.

My only bets today were under 2.5 in the France v Ireland game, figuring it would be a closely contested affair, and Brighton who won as the numbers predicted. Bolton v Blackburn and Stoke v Portsmouth could be worth a bet on the draw and unders.

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