Friday, 11 December 2009

Vanishing Leads

As I have written before, in basketball a seemingly insurmountable lead can soon vanish. In the just ending Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic game, Orlando were at one time 18 points up, but with over half the game to go. Utah came back, as home teams often do, and won by nine. Before the game had even started, some poor (even poorer now) fool put £3,000 on the Magic matched at 1.01 and 1.02, ouch.

I'd been having another of those runs where nothing seems to go right. If I am on the team trailing by 1 with the final shot, they miss it. If I am on the team that's ahead, they concede. Of course, it just seems this way, and in the long run all is well, but it can be immensely frustrating, especially when the Premium Charge rears its ugly head again on the bag of a painful loss. Anyway, the ship was righted with Utah's comeback and since betting is a little like basketball in that it is often about momentum, perhaps a good weekend lies ahead.

On to football and my non-League team seem to be shooting themselves in the foot. Losing their manager to a bigger club was probably unavoidable and unfortunate, but Kettering firing the assistant manager after the FA Cup replay at Leeds was an awful PR decision. I will not be at Rockingham Road this Saturday for the Barrow game.

What I shall be doing from next week is taking a few days away for Xmas, visiting family, opening generous gifts, and readying myself for my best month of the year. A visit to Layer Road is also on the cards, one of the League grounds that I have yet to visit. Speaking of Colchester, and their game at Brighton tonight is forecast to be a draw, but a 1 goal home win wouldn't be a surprise.

Premier League predictions tomorrow.

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