Saturday, 20 April 2013

Taxing Times

An interesting, and rather sad, read from Betfair co-founder Mark Davies on his blog today. Here's an excerpt on the Premium Charge, but the article in full is well worth a read:

Take the premium charge, for example. Someone mailed to ask me about it yesterday, and pointed out that I was quoted, when we introduced it, as saying that it was needed, because without it the cost of acquisition was not matched by the lifetime value of a customer: too much of the money taken from a customer who would then churn away went directly into the pocket of a small number of other clients. I said then that any business that got to where we were would have to introduce the same thing, because otherwise the revenue gained didn’t match the cost of acquiring the customer, which was an obvious road to the poorhouse.
All that was true. But what my comments, and our strategy, probably didn’t take fully into account was why the cost of acquisition (which was so much lower than other gambling businesses) was rising (or why the network effects were diminishing); or the fact that a consequent drop in the number of advocates meant in turn that the cost of acquisition would go up at the same time as liquidity went down – creating a spiral which was going the wrong way. Replacing the lost revenue means increasing the tax on the people who are making the money, which in turn means more of them fall away, and the cycle continues. Observers of the broader economy will recognise the pattern.

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Bossman said...

V astute, and u wonder what would have happened, if he was made CEO, over David Yu.

Each company needs to be loved by someone .. And Betfair has no-one, fighting its corner.

Reducing PC, to say 15% .. Would be tolerated by professionals, and make the concept, an easier sell, to new countries.

At some point, PC, has to be changed.

They butchered their Poker/exchange games offerings, by lack of customer care/greed. They can also, be recovered ..

Betfair needs a new broom.

I hope it comes soon.