Tuesday 17 June 2014

Walters, Matthews And World Cup

Scott sent me a link to this story about Billy Walters, a name that regular readers of this blog will recognise. He was featured in the book "The Smart Money" by Michael Konik, who changed Walters' name to Rick Matthews, but there was never a serious attempt to conceal his true identity.

Since I read that book and wrote my posts on it, I attended a wedding in the same city that Billy Walters has a multi-million dollar home, and made a mutual acquaintance who knows Billy from the golf club where Mickelson also plays. It would be very interesting to sit in on his operation one Sunday during NFL season, and if it happens, I'll be sure to write about it.

Incidentally, the insider-trading case against Mickelson was always specious, and should never have been made public.

A superb graphic and article from The Economist about the World Cup so far - written before the Brazil v Mexico 0:0 just now completed.

Premier League fixtures out tomorrow: Opening Game Sunderland v Crystal Palace is my bet :)

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