Sunday, 27 December 2015

Still The Best

Fizzer commented on yesterday's post:
Merry Christmas Cassini,
Just saw your latest update. I was about to send you a note saying how much I was missing your blog, still the best Sports Trading blog on the internet, but that I was having a BLU Christmas without you.
All the best - looking for the trend to continue tonight.
"Still the best Sports Trading blog on the internet". That's quite a compliment, but not an undeserved one in my, admittedly biased, opinion. As for the lack of recent updates, unfortunately I have been dealing with a few family issues, but for now at least, all is again well.

Despite the lack of recent posts, my hit numbers soared on Wednesday to a new record (938) for some unknown reason.
My excitement was somewhat dampened upon reading on the Full Time Betting blog:
Merry Christmas to all my readers old and new ( page counter shows 2892689 unique page views since 2010) so huge thanks to my mum who is clearly just refreshing the page 24/7.
Nearly 3 million! Puts my 1.1 million total since March 2008 in perspective.

It's also good to know that at least one reader (Fizzer) is following along on the BLUnders this season. We ended up with two selections last night, but took a small loss as they split, taking the record for the season to:
We go again tonight in Oklahoma City.

Cricket man Bossman megarain stopped by again to comment:
Merry Xmas.
It's likely we generally agree in the subject of hard work, and don't want to argue .. so, why am I arguing ?
Reading the Trading Bases book, its clear his strategy is modelled, whereas other sports clearly have data-mined advantages.
Each sport, is unique - not least, becos betting mkts/liquidity are different.

Anyway .. Have a Happy New Year .. and wish u all the best etc.
I would argue that no one is arguing here. Each sport is unique, and markets and liquidity are all unique too. Hard (or smart) work is an important ingredient, but you also need an edge to be profitable long-term.

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