Thursday, 16 March 2017

Coming of Age

We live in a Golden Age.

In the 2000-01 English Premier League season, the average over-round taking the best available prices from five bookmakers (Ladbrokes, William Hill, Sportingbet, Gamebookers, Interwetten) was 107.55%.

In 2015-16, the average over-round using just one sportsbook - Pinnacle - was 102.04%, and that's the exact same number for this season to date.

Taking the "Best" prices from and the over-round becomes an under-round at 98.17%.

Good luck obtaining the best prices on a long-term basis though, but minimal over-rounds means that even a complete idiot will take longer to lose their shirt today than would have been the case at the start of the millennium.

I'm flying to Philadelphia tomorrow (yes, again), this time for St Patrick's Day and to watch the Six Nations decider between Ireland and England in a decent Irish pub which at least one reader is familiar with, except that the 'decider' is now a dead rubber with only pride and consecutive wins to play for. I'll try to have fun regardless. The lovely, and very fortunate, Mrs. Cassini will be joining me on my travels this time, although her idea of a good time differs somewhat from mine, and will involve spas and massages rather than bars and sausages.

And no rude comments about the latter please. Wings, burgers, ribs and steaks didn't have quite the same rhyme-ability to them.

The blog will also celebrate its ninth anniversary while I'm away. Not a bad run, and back in a couple of weeks, to embark on year ten. And remember:

"Small goals lead to large triumphs"

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