Sunday, 10 December 2017

Army March On

Hopefully some of you were on Army +2.0 selection yesterday, as they not only covered the spread but also won the game. 

It would have been a nice way to end the season, except that it's not quite over. The Liberty Bowl being played in Memphis on December 30th features Memphis hosting Iowa State, who are currently receiving 3 points and if that holds, they will be the final selection of the season.

In the NFL, the record is less impressive, with this weekend already a losing one with two games still to play. 

The Beast continues in profit for the NBA, but if any readers took note of this comment (below) back in September, the optimal total looks likely to be a little higher this season:
For the record, backing Overs when the total was 215.5 or higher had a 55.6% strike rate last season. Expect the average totals to increase again this season, and look for profitability on the Overs a little higher than 215.5.
In other news, one of my former clubs (neither Heybridge Gardens or Strawcross Meadows I hasten to add) tweeted this impartial and completely unbiased statement which I found rather amusing:
Other Heybridge Gardens FC tweets are similarly amusing, with some of the best here:

A parody account, but one of the more amusing ones out there, especially if you are familiar with the world of Sunday League football.

On the road again from Wednesday for a week long trip.      

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