Friday, 4 April 2008

Friday Football Lay

Today, there is one selection for the Football Laying System (I need a catchy name for this, any ideas?) which is Dagenham and Redbridge (3.2) playing at Accrington Stanley in a League Two fixture. I am laying £10.65 hoping to to win £4.64 (pre-commission).

Result: Dagenham and Redbridge (both...) lost, so the bank increases to £1,070.28 and the selections tomorrow, and there will be a few, will all be layed to 1% of that, i.e. £10.70.


Anonymous said...


Only recently found your blog and wanted to say I find it a very enjoyable read. I've now added it to others I read. Please could you say whether you have any particular rules for the football lay system, for example away teams less than 4.0?

Cassini said...

Thanks Claire. I'm trying to make it more than just a record of my investments, so check back.

To answer your question, by definition, the system has certain criteria as to what games I am selecting, and although I don't specifically exclude selections where the price is above a certain amount, e.g 4.0, the nature of this system makes that occurrence somewhat unlikely. But not impossible!