Sunday, 6 April 2008

Total Match Points Markets in Basketball

These markets must be the most annoying anywhere on Betfair. I've just been watching the Memphis Tigers / UCLA game and the unders looks a shoo-in with less than three minutes left, and Memphis up by double figures. But no. UCLA keeps fouling, time after time, and for what? The game is lost. Memphis might miss the occasional free-throw, but they're not going to miss anywhere near enough to make the game even close. I can only guess that they do it just to annoy me and cost me money. Actually, the worst thing about losing this kind of a bet is not the money. It's knowing that somewhere out there, someone out-witted me. That is not something that sits well with me! But onward and upward. Another game coming up, and so long as the lesson is learned (stay away from these markets), no real harm I suppose.

Update: A poster on the forum just commented that there were 26 points in the last three minutes - in a game that wasn't even close!


Anonymous said...

They shouldnt have fouled down that many, I think they were trying to prove a point Memphis ranks 340th of 341 Division 1 teams in free throw shooting. So I guess they were hoping they`d miss which of course they didnt

be lucky

Cassini said...

Did Memphis miss ANY in that closing stretch? I don't remember they did, but I may have been outside kicking the kittens... Good luck, and thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I didnt see them miss many if any. That was nasty to watch if you took the under

I love betting college sports but things like this remind me that I`m betting on 19 year old kids.

I see the Tigers lost again,0-6 at home.

Cassini said...

I thought that if I gave up on the Tigers, they would finally win, but no... They play the Red Sox next - I can see them being 0-9!