Sunday 16 August 2009

Looooong Sales Pitch

Ever since finding Adam Heathcote's blog, I have harboured serious doubts about the veracity of his postings. The saying "if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is" comes to mind. How someone with very little experience can find an edge in the very competitive sport of horse-racing and regularly make daily (self-reported) "consistent daily profits avaraging (sic) over £1,500" seems a little suspicious. Cynics suggested he was simply a shill for the Bet Angel software which regularly receives praise in his blog.

Of course, Elliot Short made millions, but then he had a well thought out strategy that no one else had thought of which was to make up a story and find a reporter who was too lazy to take any time to verify the story and the millions turned out to be as real as Santa Claus.

So it comes as no surprise that Adam Heathcote's blog posting today proudly announces a new site where for just £55 a month ("we were tempted to start off at £75 given the value of the information if it's used properly, so jump on board before we change the price!") you too can make thousands. I was very tempted, but after discussing it with family and friends, have decided that I am going to have to pass on this once in a lifetime offer. If it was £50 a month, then maybe...

Why would someone making the supposed profits not just focus on his trading? Just wondering - anyway, the polls look to be of great relevance to serious traders -

Do you think confidence in what you're doing is important while trading? (Duh!)

Who's the best looking out of Dave or Adam? (I'm going to be nice and say nothing here).

Some suggestions for future polls:

Who has the biggest ego out of Jesus Christ or Adam?

Who has the best photoshop tool for fudging Betfair P&Ls out of Elliot Short or Adam?

Who is stupid enough to sign up for this site?


Anonymous said...

What a genial idea, a double rip-off! It's the same fake like robobets where the people pay a subscription and ripped off with automatik picks. Adam need a little bit performance in the markets for his trades and what he is doing if there is no performance? Yes, he's creating with a little help from some (paying)friends the moves that's needet for succesful trades. If he send is "advices", he is off course in the market and if his customers going in like advised, he can comfortable closed his trade and walk away with the money.

great, great, great IDEA!

Rob The Builder. said...

Ahh, you old cynic!

I've followed the blog, and have a different take. I'm convinced the profits are genuine. There are loads of guys out there using Bet Angel, and often taught to use it via the Peter Webb courses, trading in the 10 minutes before each race starts.

Therefore, they will react in a similar way to each other in similar situations, particularly when redding out as a trade moves away from them. If, like Adam, you have loads of money available to trade, you can probably influence the market, send a price a particular way, and then profit in your fellow traders rush to trade out. The guys making big profits pre-race trading generally have big money to trade with.

With regard to the new service, this backs up my theory. If you can control how people trade, you increase your chances of success through market manipulation.

Randle McMurphy said...

I have long believed that this blog was a spoof, not because of the amount of money being claimed he has won, but the content of some of his posts is utter rubbish.

Now after making on average nearly 2000 per day , he is starting a glorified tipping service for 55 pound a month. Come on, give me a break, the man is nothing but a conman and I hope no1 is foolish enough to hand over their hard earned to scum like this

Tony Hodges said...

Who needs a service from Adam Heathcote when we can read your boring drivel about what exactly? I have also followed Adam's blog but unlike you I think he is genuine.

You see rather than being a "glass half empty" jealous guy you could write something of interest.

It's a shame that Adam cannot be arsed to sue idiots like you for saying he is falsifying his P&L screen shots. I just hope one day he decides to pursue people like you but I dare say he'll just rise above low life like you.

He gets asked for his advice and is moaned at for not giving it. He sets up a site and decides to give it and he's branded a fraud.

You need to get a life quick mate before you retire!

Wesley Clements said...

So what difference does it make to you then? If you are successful will it make you less successful?

Are you putting yourself up as a champion of the poor vulnerable guy who will pay money to an alleged fraudster for information?

Wesley Clements said...

Oh and how on earth is it a double rip off? People will soon want their money back!

Have you paid Catweazle? Have you been ripped off? It seems like all the small minded fish meet here for the same negative reasons all the time.

Cannot do it myself so let's find someone else to call a fraud or just knock them down.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wesley,
i don't think like others that Adam faked his screenshots or so. But if you read his blog careful, you can see that he can't handle more money in the markets. It's not a big problem to put a lot of money into one horserace but how you trade out with a profit? Scalping is a answere but it works not at all and has also limitations.
The big question is now, why Adam gives advises for specific horses? Trading is in most cases faster as Adam can type the latters for a advise!
And if he is also involved in a marked that he advised to his paying followers, it's not serious.
If he do that on a stock market, it's illegal!

Stephen Hughes said...

sorry, but you are clearly a miserable old man.

Get a life pal, having read snippets of your blog you demonstrate extreme arrogance.

Who the hell do you think you are? Take a look at yourself and learn from people like Adam.

Your the type of bloke that would marry a Thai bride, sport a little beard and wear crocs.

Write about something interesting ffs.

Youre an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the abuse?

Its his blog, he is allowed to post his opinion here. If you dont like it, dont read it, or at least post some sort of thoughtful and considered response instead of a lot of abusive bs.

Are all the abusers going to sign up for the new service? Why are they all so quick to leap to adams defense?

The set up of exchange secrets does remind me a lot of e-books and other systems for sale, so I think he is right to be sceptical, and wonder what is behind it all.

Andy said...

To "Stephen Hughes", "Wesley Clements" & "Tony Hodges", can I ask when you became Adam Heathcotes bitches?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I suggest you grow the fuck up, you sound like schoolgirls whining on the playground.

The day Betfair allows its users to publish their trading history & I can see it with my own eyes is the day I believe anything anyone says/does/promotes. Including BetAngels pet superhero.

Anonymous said...

It seems that there is a schoolyard mentality going around the blogging community where Adam is the cool kid and everyone wants to be his friend and god help anyone who speaks out against him as the above posters demonstrate quite adequately.

Personally, i think Cassini has a right to be sceptical. All you have to do is look on the Racing Traders forum at all the so called experts selling courses and get rich quick schemes and also who remembers John 'O Neill. Once his Bread and Butter Trading manual was sold out he stopped blogging alarmingly quick and i doubt we will hear from him again.

Given the meteoric rise of pre race trading the amount of newbies out there are rich pickings. And although i have nothing against AH and i do believe his P&L's are genuine i cant help thinking that newcomers are being exploited which cant be good for pre race trading long term.

Anyway, rant over and it is nice to see there are still some genuine blogs out there with no agenda other than to communicate with like minded punters/traders.

Anonymous said...

Adam is no doubt geniune but this venture is obviously a bad misjudgement.

Those who say he is not geninue will no doubt feel the back hand of a libel action at some point! He's got the money to do sue a few people for sure.

It's just bloody jealously that makes people make such stupid comments.

JS said...

Great post Cassini! I must say that even with my limited experience I am managing to profit from these markets and can make about 50-100% of my back/lay stake. So I can see how a full-time disciplined trader using £1K-£2K+ stakes can achieve £1.5K average daily profits. If I was a betfair trader and had a very popular blog, I would probably also try to generate additional income. From his perspective it will just top up his salary and all he will need to do is for half the week send an email with his thoughts on price movements, something he already probably makes for his own personal use.

Even if this business venture is a complete failure he can't really lose. But if it takes off, can you imagine how much these guys will make? And so easily scalable, just add new members to the email list, that't is! If it gets too busy easy, employ someone to do the admin!

afropunk said...

If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that this is just about the only blog out there that you can post any comment you want and it will (instantly) appear.

Anonymous said...

That's not interesting!

Anonymous said...

"Stephen Hughes said...
sorry, but you are clearly a miserable old man.

Get a life pal, having read snippets of your blog you demonstrate extreme arrogance.

Who the hell do you think you are? Take a look at yourself and learn from people like Adam.

Your the type of bloke that would marry a Thai bride, sport a little beard and wear crocs.

Write about something interesting ffs.

Youre an idiot."

Not sure Adam would let a comment appear on his blog that read something like:

"Marcus Latchford said... Adam you gaylord, could your top be any tighter?

You're obviously a sad little kid making up these figures and wasting your time writing this drivel, what kind of precooked meat did you have for tea tonight?"

Anonymous said...

Even if you don't agree with Cassini's comments he is perfectly within in rights to bring the subject up without having to suffer childish personal insults. This is a democracy we live in is it not and a blog read by adults?

I personally think it might be worth listening to the opinion of a man who obviously makes a good living from trading and has probably been there and seen it all in regards to "Golden Eggs" and false Prophets.

To hazard a guess I would imagine that like every other supposed golden egg there has even been you will hand over £55 and hey presto, sit back, turn your brain off and watch the money roll in.

I would imagine the reality is much different. I notice it's mainly the experienced traders who are most dubious on various forums (people who smell a rat because they've smelt a few in their time). I suggest some of the more inexperienced traders take note before diving in feet first.

I will wait with interest to see the reviews of people who join the service as they filter into the various forums over the next few months.

From experience I don't hold much hope that it will be a road to trading riches.