Saturday, 1 August 2009

July Report

This will be very brief. As expected, July wasn't the most spectacular of months. With a big hit from the Premium Charge on the 1st, several days missed completely, and many other days where my main focus was not on here, I am pleased that at least the month was profitable.

July is currently my 9th best performing month, and there was no change there. August currently sits in 10th spot, so there is certainly room for improvement here. Football is back, and with it a new resolve to at last crack this tough nut with a logical and disciplined approach to where the value lies. 

I had a couple of interesting comments / e-mails about my previous post. One pointed out what when you take the contrarian approach, you at least know your loss at the time of entry and can have a stop-loss ready at a pre-determined price if you so desire. The other was validating my suspicion that if value exists in-play, then it can only be found during the immediate aftermath of a goal. This will be something to look at further.

July wasn't such a good month on the health and exercise front, with nine days on which alcohol passed my lips, and a running total of just 3.3 miles.

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afropunk said...

Two points that I would advise to you before using this value after goals strategy. Avoid most European/foreign matches due to the disadvantage we have in the UK over live transmissions. I have noted plenty of suspicious betting activity valuable seconds before markets were suspended by Betfair. Secondly there are many bots automating value strategies. You will be fighting with them and they will be set to push orders to the value threshold. You will need to sit one tick in front of them to get filled and require the skill at judging whether this would leave you in value or not. Often the price is pushed out of value, people getting carried away or even bots making errors, as they fight to sit in front of the queue. When this happens you would actually be better off matching these out of value orders then fighting them.