Monday, 10 August 2009


After large losses, I regularly call Betfair to explain that I didn't mean to put the bet in, but the cat jumped on my keyboard. It never works though, but apparently I am not the only person to think of this excuse. As painful as some of my losses are, I'm thinking this guy has more serious problems.

Dogs have been blamed for eating homework - now a Florida man says his cat downloaded child pornography.

Police are charging Keith Griffin of Jensen Beach, Florida with 10 counts of possession of child pornography after finding more than 1,000 images on his personal computer.

Griffin told police he had been downloading music, and that his cat jumped on the keyboard when he left the room. He said "strange things" appeared on the computer when he returned.

He is being held in Martin county jail on $250,000 bond. No word on any charges against the cat.


John said...

haha, that's a great story! Blame the pussy.

Cassini said...

I loved the last line "No word on any charges against the cat"