Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Chocolate Teapot

Rather mysteriously, the unanimously negative-in-tone threads relating to Adam Heathcote’s aforementioned New Exchange Secrets venture were all pulled by someone at Betfair early last week. I’m not sure what happened to free speech and all that, but gone they were. Our friend has friends in high places, or more likely, friends who have friends there. I’m not sure Adam will have any friends soon!

A new thread appeared yesterday, with posts from confessed subscribers, and not surprisingly there was not one comment in support of Adam except perhaps this qualified one:

“To be fair to Adam, I like the blog, if he is real or not - he makes some good points, especially regarding mindset, etc. But if he is real, he shouldn't have got involved in this service - any fool can see that it cannot possibly work”.
It appears that the venture has to date recruited some 122 members, which at £55 a month means a not too shabby total of £6,710, but with the advice being given apparently less than stellar, and being shared by 122 people all trading the same way, this could well be the high point in the venture. Another poster pointed out that:
“You mean 122 people have fell for the bs - poor souls, get your money back! That means 122 people all trying to do the same thing - oh dear! It’s easy to predict the movements, the hard thing is getting matched - especially when you need to get out nearer the off time. How do they help with this? Lmfao Are these guys worse than tipsters? Damn right they are. Post this on their forum - criminals!”
Another reported a recent New Exchange Secrets forum post from a new member titled “Full Refund How Do I Receive one”
I am VERY disappointed with the lack of info in this membership site. I have joined other membership paying sites before on many other different subjects but I have to say this one has to be the worst value ever. The amount of info given should be offered in a free membership site and the owners should try to make some £££ from affiliate links. I have followed Adam’s Blog with interest so I am sorry I have to make this post, but I feel I have to.
I probably shouldn’t be, but I am surprised at how many gullible people there are out there who think that the way to riches can be bought for just £55 a month, so I am going to offer my new Somewhat Helpful Information Tipping service for £65 a month. Watch this space.

Update Wednesday: Apparently we have it all wrong. From the horse's mouth as it were - Exchange Secrets is coming on well, Dave and I are giving out sound advice through analysing fewer races that we feel more confident on. Our members are very happy, a few members writing their joy with the service over the last week's worth of advice. Today I predicted a potential drift from 2.82 to between 3.7-3.9. This did happen and that one race alone would have covered more than the cost of membership. Anyway that's just one example - the service has been shaping up nicely from the advice we were initially giving out, which was too many races and less detail. I'll get a link up soon with all the historical advice we've given out soon and a few of the great comments we've been left from our current members.

I wonder if the comments will be randomly chosen or will a rather more selective process be used.


Anonymous said...

The threads were probably pulled thanks to the complete lies posted on them. Lots of people saying Adam was a fraud and a fake. No doubt the exchanges secrets garbage is a just that and shouldn't be touched with a barge pole, but saying somebody is a fraud and a liar is not on in any circles. That's not free speech.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Adam wished he'd kept his finger well away from this pie. The obvious flaw's in their venture were there for all to see and it's subsequent failure has given all the people who doubted his figures the platform to open the floodgates for abuse.

Poor judgment from Adam and a mistake i am sure he is regretting now.

You live and learn.

Anonymous said...

The folly of youth!

I think it's obvious that Dave the shark convinced Adam it would be a good idea and Adam got suckered. While he is obviously a good trader he obviously hasn't done himself any favours with this.

Anonymous said...

I see Adam got a nice weekend driving round Nurburgring with the membership fees he received :0

Craig said...

"Today I predicted a potential drift from 2.82 to between 3.7-3.9. This did happen and that one race alone would have covered more than the cost of membership."

So Mr Heathcote's pin finally stuck?

And what of the unsuccesful predictions that did not quite stick. Did they double the cost of membership?

Must try harder. Or perhaps not given his income already received from the take up to date.

bigdavestar said...

I think the concept of the service is good, it's unique and it seems as though trading is the thing everyone is talking about these days. However, I can't see how this can realistically work if everyone is trying to trade the same market and I imagine Adam is actually keeping his best trades for himself (which I don't blame him!)