Saturday, 29 August 2009


Well, what a headache I have! I came back from Italy on Saturday evening from Monza where, as you can see from the picture of me on my warm-up lap, things didn't go totally to plan. Hence the headache, which probably wasn't helped by the car rental guy there shouting at me. Luckily for me, despite my Italian heritage, my knowledge of the language doesn't extend too much beyond knowing how to ask for a beer, a line I had been using during the six hours I had to wait for my drive, and now I think about it, that may have been something he was shouting about. 

Anyone know what 'bastardo avvinazzato' means? Anyway, I left in rather a hurry if you know what I mean, accused of making misleading statements about my race-driving experience. Who knew that arcade games didn't count?

The first thing I did on arriving home was to check my PayPal account, and to be honest, this was very disappointing. I expected at least 122 subscribers to my new Swop Confidentialities advice service by now, all clamouring for my advice and service, but let's just say the actual number left something to be desired. Trips to Monza are not free you know, and it seems unreasonable to expect me to pay for it out of my own money. Speaking of which, I have to go. Apparently there's some guy who looks like he's stepped out of the Godfather movies at the door asking for money. Probably a Jehovah's Witness, but sign up just in case I need the money.

"La vita è come un albero di natale, c'è sempre qualcuno che rompe le palle"
("Life is like a christmas tree, there's always someone who breaks the balls").

Not mine I hope.


Anonymous said...

Getting a bit boring now, this blog is much better: -

Curiously, I am sure you are all driving traffic and publicity to the very person you are trying to berate.

Anonymous said...

Why do I suspect the writer of this comment is the same as the author of the blog?

I took the advice and read the blog posted in the link. Turgid would be a compliment.