Thursday, 28 August 2008

Marychain1 on Liverpool v Liege

A great post on the Betfair Forum today, following the Liverpool v Liege game (Liverpool won in extra-time after a goalless 90 minutes)

Enitled: "Thank you, you f*****s, cost me my bank"

"This is an absolute disgrace!!! How the f*** can that bunch of jokers not win against those amateurs??? What an absolute ******* joke!!!! I had my WHOLE BANK riding on them!!! How can they not even score one goal. I'm going f*****g mental here. If I was the chairman I'd be sacking the manager first thing in the morning after this, and half the players would be following him out the door. I was embarrassed watching it. If you ask me they have made the whole country a laughing stock drawing 0-0 with this shower of ****. They certainly wont be getting a warm welcome back in Liege if they can't even beat Liverpool."

Very entertaining, and caught a good number of people as well. Thanks for the laugh.


Tim Robinson said...

Thanks for putting my comments up on your blog, I'm a Crewe fan but my missus is a Liverpool fan and she was at the match. I had actually backed Liege and laid Liverpool so I enjoyed watching them struggle, not least because we dont have much time for Liverpool at Gresty Rd; what with them trying to make us their nursery club a few years ago, and with them winning everything in the boring 80s when me and my peers were at school. Living in Liverpool now heightens the feelings of antipathy towards them.

Anyway, the idea for the post was nicked off a caller to 5-Live a few years ago, when Scotland drew with San Marino. He slagged off his team and the manager, calling everything into question if they could only draw with a side like that, finishing with the line, everyone on the islands is very disappointed.

I like your blog by the way, its looking good and is an interesting read. Like yourself I threw away a few quid backing Britons in Olympic sports I knew nothing about in order to generated a little interest, although I did back the world record going in both the 100m and 200m.

I've got my own blog going, its a betting club me and a few other lads run, if you're interested in having a look the address is

cheers, Tim Robinson, (marychain)

Cassini said...

Cheers Tim - I hadn't heard the original, but your post was very funny as were the heaps of comments that followed from people completely missing the joke. I'll check out your blog. Good luck and thanks for commenting.