Monday, 20 April 2009

Tipping Service Exposed - Exclusive!

On March 28th, Trade On Sports highlighted a football tipping website, and their supposed results up to that date did look quite impressive. I'm not sure how many members, if any, they had prior to the end of last month but now they have received some attention, it is clear that their results have taken a distinct turn for the worse.

The initial post was this. "Finally my attention was drawn to the following tipster site Their record is quite amazing. I have studied football betting for years and every weekend compile my own odds to look for value. And have been relatively successful, but these guys look to be on a different level."

While I was researching the website, I found an amusing thread about them. Someone started the thread asking "anyone had any experience with this. results look very impressive but costly. would be interested in a syndicate effort?"

You need to be a signed up member to comment, and less than eight hours later, a newly signed up member casper47 had posted: "i have account in betactual and is realy good. First time take 1 month but after i take 1 year pack ( only 1,5 euro per day - i play much more money in year...). The best support (Sara is the best) and no hidden or fake results. Before i have try with others but..."

The next day, another poster revealingly wrote: "Have done a little more investigating.I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions. The domain betactual is registered to Fotios Nikitopoulus. Casper47 registered on the forum with the email nikitofotis@.........."

Finally, the initial post received an anonymous comment, but the style is somewhat familiar: "Think's for the site listened for a few days the site. 01-04 paid subscription for 1 month. Score Win = 6. Lose = 1 Today for the first time gave 3 tips. They won all 3. I put the all together and had very good profit. I appreciate them. They sent congratulations today and I mentioned your site (if not mind)."

Anyway, I would save your money. After just 19 losses in 2008, and 6 losses in 66 days prior to the above postings, their tips have lost 10 out of the last 25, and with 9 of those winners at less than evens, you won't be getting rich any time soon.


Pete Nordsted said...


I wondered how long it would be before someone would state the obvious. I just hapopened to stumble on the site and thought I would share its claims with interested readers.

I feel really sorry for people who are drawn to this type of service. Like yourself I spend hours studying the matches and I like to highlight my findings on my blog. I can make a valid argument for each of my selections and I believe I always look for value. However, I am also realistic to know that I will win some, lose some.

The people who are drawn to this service are probably looking for perfection. Which in any form of gambling or trading simply doesn’t exist. When playing this game you have to get used to losing.

However, this has certainly made me smile.

Pete Nordsted

PhilipH said...

I was alway advised NEVER to bet on animals with fewer than four legs. Footballers are, imo, as unpredictable as greyhounds and horses.

strugar said...

Well, this is not anything special, there is a plenty of such a sites all around; each day in various forums I read posts of people who just registered to forum, advertising sites with no losing picks; but I just can't understand why those people, having such a strong picks, bother with advertising and selling picks, instead of simply going to bookie and taking money from betting on those picks - any reasonable punter would ask that first, prior to giving his, maybe hardly earned money...
Look at this: ; he sells the pick with confidentiality of 10/10 and odds of 33/1 for 400 EUR, but only to 10 people (that is reasonable - if there is more people involved, it becomes "public bet", so... hurry up, people, before it's sold out!); day later, message appeared that pick had won; now, selling the pick he earned 4.000 EUR; to earn those money, he needed to go to bookie and to invest only 120 EUR, which anyone can find in his pockets or entire house, and it's not risky at all, given his confidentiality 10/10...
As I said, there is a lot of such a sites, and similar to Pete, I must smile when I read them; but somehow, I understand people who buy that: ten years ago, when I started betting, I was lucky not to have credit card or Moneybookers account; otherwise, I would probably spend all for such an "investments" - it took me several years to understand that good picks don't hang up on web or in bookie shops rumours like fruits on tree, but you must put a lot of effort in finding them...
Our proverb says: as long as there are sheeps, there are money, too... for bookmakers especially...

Anonymous said...

I love this fake sites!
After 25 years betting on football i'm shure nobody can pick a >65% SR with nearly EVS odds. It's absolute impossible and the "History Result" from this site are poor fakes. There ar no names adresses or whatever on this page. I bet an universe that every member lost a lot of money if he place real bets on this suggestions.