Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Excel-ling At Tennis

I have been asked by a student if I, or anyone I know, would be interested in buying a ‘tennis valuation tool’ (not a system) which is an Excel spreadsheet that you enter in some data pre-game and then during the game, it calculates what the prices should be. Compare these with the prices available on the exchanges, and by investing when there is value, you can win big money. The spreadsheet has been tested in 116 matches at Wimbledon in 2007 and 2008, well, tested with market data, so it sounds like a sure-fire 100% proven winner.

He goes on: “It is therefore clear that it is totally against my interest to give this model to others. However, the tennis markets are quite big, and I'm in need of some liquidity (also as a start for my possible own endeavours on this market after my studies). Therefore I am currently considering to sell one copy of the model. I'm looking for a person that can appreciate why the model works, that is a decent 'high-roller' so it is worthwhile for him to make the investment and can promise me that he will keep the model for himself and won't give it to others.”

I’m not sure why my girlfriend cracked up when I read the part about being a ‘high-roller’, but there you go. No respect. Anyway, I thought long and hard about this offer, but after 2.5 seconds have reluctantly decided to decline, mostly because I’m not much of a tennis trader.

However, as the proposal concluded with “If you are interested in further discussion about this (I am sure you will have loads of questions now), or know somebody else that might fit my required profile of the buyer, please let me know.”

So let me know if you are a ‘decent high-roller’, (indecent high-rollers are apparently excluded), and I will put you in touch with the young man.

Wait - just one more thing - I forget to mention the price.

Here’s his words on that: “I don't want to make a 'quick sell', but first speak with this person about the fundamentals of the model, give him guidance on how to use it (although this is quite easy now with all the buttons I made) and just make sure this person is happy with it and can use it to make good profit, so it is a good deal for both sides. My target price is 5000 EUR."

Note, hands-on Excel training thrown in for free. Please, no pushing and shoving. All requests will be forwarded in the order in which they are received, although I do accept PayPal if you should want to secure your position at the front of the line...


John said...

Good Luck

I'm sure he has put a lot of work into the model. I can relate as I have several models done in excel that I use.

The obvious question is why can't he build capital using the tool?

Nothing is ever 100%

Anonymous said...

Happy April Fools