Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Day

Yes - it would appear that this is the man who will lead the party winning most seats in today's election, starting about now. A man worth millions by choosing his parents and wife carefully, and who claims to believe in a god, despite his eldest son being born "severely disabled" with both legs deformed and dying in 2009.

"I am a Christian, I go to church, I believe in God, but I do not have a direct line."
Well, thank goodness for that. The last Prime Minister with a direct line to god is responsible for 460 UK deaths, and over 11,000 wounded, and yet the unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan hardly got a mention in this election campaign, and lives continue to be lost and ruined almost every day.

Questioned as to whether his faith had ever been tested, Cameron spoke of the birth of his "severely disabled" eldest son, saying:
"You ask yourself 'If there is a God, why can anything like this happen?'" He went on to state that in some ways the experience had "strengthened" his beliefs.
Say what? So he believes in a god, by definition omnipotent, despite having a severely disabled child. Is there any logic whatsoever there, or could it be what he thinks people want to hear? Well, we don't.

It's remarkable how the fact there there is a negative correlation between religious beliefs and intelligence is overlooked when it comes to politicians. Are we really supposed to believe that brilliant Presidents such as Clinton and Obama really believe there's a god up there monitoring our thoughts and deeds even though he's already planned our destiny?

Anyway, wrong blog. Back to making money.

The Tories to win most seats, and give you 10% on your money in a day, is a decent bet, if not a scenario many of us would personally like to see.

I had my fingers burned on the General Election of 1992 when I paid too much attention to opinion polls and had an unfortunately timed bet on Labour the day of the now infamous Sheffield rally. The day after that fiasco, the polls showed a drop for Labour, and the cry of "we're alright!" wasn't true for either Neil Kinnock or myself.

The latest ICM Guardian and Angus Reid polls having them at 36% and ComRes: ITV News/Indy at 37%, YouGov and others at 35%, the results are pretty consistent, and the Tories have a litttle momentum too. Usually 1.1 is a price I lay at, but politics isn't basketball and this is value.

I like the No Overall Majority at 1.7 also. Tactical voting could make a big difference in this election, and if it's inevitable that the Tories are going to win most seats, at least a NOM outcome would offer some solace.


Carbine said...

"The Tories to win most seats, and give you 10% on your money in a day, is a decent bet, if not a scenario many of us would personally like to see. "

LOL.Its either a very BAD bet, or in fact exactly what many people in the UK want to see.

Anonymous said...

I think it's been quite refreshing that Cleggs atheism hasn't been an issue in the election.

Cassini said...

Anonymous - for once we are in total agreement.

Carbine - the Tories will win most seats but almost 2 in 3 people do not want them in power. That is what I meant by 'many of us'.