Wednesday 22 December 2010

Oakland Traders

Two for three from the football in France tonight, with Bordeaux failing to win, which was bad, but Toulouse managing to lose (which was good), and a draw at 3.3 in the Brest v Olympique Marseille game.

The German Cup also saw some matches today, including a repeat of Sunday's league fixture between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich. On Sunday the game finished 3-5, and tonight it ended 3-6, after being 3-5 at 90 minutes. They don't play each other this weekend though.

The Utah Jazz are in action in a few minutes, giving 6.5 points to a pretty poor Minnesota Timberwolves team who have lost six in a row, and are under 50% at home. The best bet of the day might well be in the New Jersey Nets at New Orleans Hornets game where the Under 183.5 looks good. The Nets are always low scoring, and the Hornets are in something of a slump losing 7 of their last 10 after a strong start to the season.

For some strange reason, (my mind is like god in that it works in mysterious ways), I was sat at work today thinking about trading and comparing it to American Football. Specifically, since August, it's felt like I'm pinned back on my own five yard line after being sacked back in March. There's little room for manouvre, and progress is limited to safety-first bets (the running game) rather than looking for the riskier, but higher paying bets (the passing passing game). Now that I'm on the 30 yard line, it feels like I have more options, and of course, the confidence that comes with a promising drive isn't to be underestimated. Now if I can just avoid that interception...

On the topic of trading, I liked this line from the Sports Trading Life blog:

It's better to be out of a trade wishing you were in, then in a trade wishing you were out.
Very good advice.

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