Sunday, 16 December 2012

I Smell Hamper

It's so close, I can almost smell it. After a weekend with four Classic XX Draw selections, (three winners and an 87th minute 1-0) and five Extended selections (another two winners), surely it won't be long before my boughs of holly decked halls are filled with the aroma of such gourmet specialities as caviar, 5J ham, Champagne, confectionery, crackers, cheeses and wines selected for their quality, provenance and of course, flavour. Always eager to assist, I have located the Harrods hamper page here, although of course Harrods is only a suggestion, and a John Lewis selections would be just fine.

Being serious again for a minute, here is the latest FTL table for your perusal. There is still one result to come from Monday's matches, but the positions will not change:

Noteworthy gainers this week were Neil, up to 6th, XX Draws (Classic) into profit and up from 18th, Back Lay The Draw, up to 14th, while Premier Edge were probably the biggest losers dropping from 5th to 9th. Twelve entries are now in profit, but the overall net returns are still well in the red. Entries in italics represent entrants who have given up for whatever reason, and the (Pro) qualifier identifies professional services.

There will be no updates to this table for a couple of weeks as I take a well earned break for the holidays. The XX Draws will continue to flow, although the Bundesliga has now stopped for its winter break, with France, Italy and Spain breaking after next weekend, so the flow of winners might actually be a mere trickle.

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