Monday 17 December 2012

You Little Ripper

I love the smell of hampers in the morning, and I love Australians! In my inbox today is evidence that whatever we might say about them, some are just downright decent blokes... ;) Steve writes:
G'day mate,
This should shut you up. :)
Thanks for a great year of draws. Never have I watched matches and been so bored and yet happy at the same time when a game ends 0-0.
Steve is one of the majority who typically like to see goals in their football. I used to be like that, but the XX Draws have changed me, and the 'perfect' game is now a 0-0. Anyway, for those too lazy to clink the link to the post, or for stickybeaks who want to take a squizz, here it is in full:
Not one to say something and not follow through, here is a gift page created for the master of the draws, Cassini.
A few weeks ago I mentioned jokingly that I would buy Cassini a hamper for the excellent returns from the XX Draws, he took it upon himself to make it a reality and last week I said, and I quote,
XX Draws added another $2,200 profit and if he can make even $1 profit next week then a small (very small) hamper will be on its way.
Now I am $50 poorer and Cassini will soon be a few pounds heavier. I will leave the page up for others to contribute to and leave a message to say thanks for a great year, whatever the final figure is, I will let Cassini choose the Hamper that he wishes and send it on Christmas day, so he should receive it in time for a toast to myself on New Years Eve.
A few weeks ago I also started a gift page for Jonno from As I am an actual friend of his, I managed to trick him into revealing what he wanted for Christmas and created a page for him too. An amazing amount of $250 has so far been donated and we are just $50 short of getting the gift. If you want to say thanks to Jonno for his many years of hard work and what I can only assume is an overflowing bank account if you have followed his tips, then go to the address below and donate what you can.
Sadly this year there will be no gifts for Skeeve and FB Elite, but let's hope that changes in the new year.
Note: is a site I created a few weeks ago to help me get what I really wanted for Christmas. If you want to donate to my gift you can see it here
Merry Christmas
What a gentleman, but while I would hate to come across as selfish, I encourage all of you to ignore the second and third links and focus on the first.

Seriously, I appreciate Steve's spirit of giving and if everyone reading this post gives a dollar (Aussie) to one on the three, then there will be much happiness across the globe on Christmas morning. Perhaps any excess contributions could find their way to a charity somewhere. Just a thought. 

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