Saturday, 9 March 2013

2:56 Saturday Afternoon

Your Premium Charges At Work
Looks Promising
Oh Dear


Webbo said...

Haha! Give them chance Cassini :)

The outage was most inconvenient for me this afternoon and I missed a big priced winner that I planned to bet on... hopefully Betdaq can deliver on this manifesto.

Curious George said...

Kinda makes you wonder just how many other players were also staring at that empty market too scared to enter without someone else pricing it up for them.

With the score at 0-0 I guess the majority of people were biding their time in the hope Betfair would come back soon rather than have to go thru the hassle of depositing.

Always going to be a chicken and egg situation at Betdaq. Just have to hope Ladbrokes use their experience at finding mug players to point some towards the exchange without needing to resort to seeding markets etc. I guess time will tell but I can't see Ladbrokes letting it become some loss leader just yet. They'd be hard pushed to beat Desmond's apathy towards it.

fairfranco said...

I should probably keep quiet about this but either to make up for their outage or directly because of the system issues I appear to have several winners that weren't charged commission!

Expensive mistake for Betfair to not only go down at the start of the English football kick off's but to then not charge commission really adds to the costs!

fairfranco said...

turns out Betfair refunded comission on all UK games.

Due to the outage we experienced today on the Betfair Exchange, we have offered all customers who bet on today's UK football matches a refund on any commission paid throughout the day.

I can confirm this has now been done and accounts have been credited.

Once again I apologise for the inconvenience caused during this time.

doesn't help those that lost money due to the outage though!