Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Civil Debate

John asked:

Do you think that there is value in the correct score market betting the 0-0 at half-time (on those games that are scoreless)?
Of 115 XX Draw selections that have been 0-0 at half-time (out of 367 selections) 34 have remained goalless, 'true' odds of 3.38.

I have spent very little time looking at the Correct Score market, so I have no idea if this price is available at half-time too often or not, but perhaps someone more familiar with this market can provide some positive input.

47 of the 115 went on to finish as draws (implied odds of 2.45) and 94 finished Under 2.5 (1.22).

Nasty Effect

I am once again indebted to Scott for pointing me in the direction of a New York Times story on the topic of the 'nasty effect - the impact that negatively toned comments have on blog posts. The article concludes with:
It’s possible that the social norms in this brave new domain will change once more — with users shunning mean-spirited attacks from posters hiding behind pseudonyms and cultivating civil debate instead.
Until then, beware the nasty effect.

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gundulf said...

You would find few games with 0-0 available that low at half time, with the exception of matches in France and some Latin American countries, so maybe John has found the Holy Grail?