Monday, 29 September 2014

Dustbins 2:1 Up

Erskine Cup Round Up

There are a few issues still to be resolved, but here are some updates on the FTL, with the focus on the Erskine Cup to mix things up a little.

Group A

Mortimer had only to finish in profit to take the 3 points versus no-show @ValueBankFooty, but had a poor weekend dropping 6.75 points so a walkunder victory for @ValueBankFooty.

Sjosta failed to show up, but Ian Erskine struggled and lost 3.46 points so Sjosta picks up the second walkunder win of the weekend. Ian does have one selection tonight, but even if it wins, it won’t be enough to win the tie.

Group B

Talkies Tips made a profit of 0.87 points and all three elections were all done by Saturday, but Trend to end had a total of 19 selections with two still to come. Trend to end is currently down 1.86 points and thus needs both Palermo and Parma to win to overtake Talkie.

Thinking that all he needed to do was beat a team of dustbins, XX Draws was quietly relaxing on Saturday when a sweating Football Investor showed up red-faced and panting and without shame handed in his team-sheet.

Excuses were plentiful, including the car breaking down, the dog eating his entry form, and his grandmother's abduction by aliens, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship, XX Draws agreed to play the game.

Football Investor came up with a 1.02 point profit by the end of Saturday, but one of the best weekends in XX Draws history (+9.55 points) meant this tie wasn’t much of a contest.

Group C

Fulltimebettingblog lost 3.78 points on Saturday, and Online Trader is currently down 3.00 with one selection to come. A Stoke City win tonight and Online Trader takes the points, anything else and the joint early lead in the group goes to Fulltimebettingblog.

OverGoalify was another no-show, and Football Elite needed a profit of any size. Two losses on the Recommended Bets and one win from three for the Vulnerable Home Favourites system means that this tie will also be decided tonight. Due to contractual obligations, I am unable to tell you which team Football Elite are on though.

Group D

Betting Tools had a nightmare of a weekend losing nine of the first ten and even a win for Newcastle United tonight won’t be enough to catch Abromo who is currently up by 3.18 points with lays of Panthrakikos and Parma tonight.

Skeeve was the final no-show this weekend, meaning XX Unders needed a profit this weekend, and they duly obliged with 10 of 11 selections going Under 2.5, with one more game in play tonight. Currently up 7.32 points, and that one loser was another 90th minute goal I might add.

Group E

Draw Picks has one more game tonight, Udinese v Parma, but even if that match is a draw, it won’t be enough to catch TFA_Raz who is in the clubhouse with 1.79 points. Draw Picks had one winner from five so far.

In the much anticipated ‘Battle of the Draws’, Peter Nordsted’s Drawmaster lost all three which meant that TFA Graeme’s two Euro selections on Sunday were guaranteed to win the tie even if both lost. He had a winner, Nantes v Lyon, to actually earn the points.

Group F

Randolph and Cassini Value was the tie of the weekend in terms of points gained, 7.78 between them, but Everton’s 90th minute equalizer at Liverpool tipped the balance in favour of Randolph. That’s the Cup for you!

Club Havana had no trouble getting the better of the TFA Draws whose three domestic selections all lost. Club Havana has the third highest profit of the weekend (6.89) and will add to that if Stoke City win.

Group G

Fairfranco v Rubicon is in the books, and both lost points. Fairfranco lost fewer though, so he takes the 3 points.

The closest tie of the weekend was Gecko v Mountain Mouse, decided in favour of the latter by just 0.46 points 2.68 to 2.22.

Group H

The Bundeslayga system had just one selection, a loser, so this was an easy win for Betcast who made 3.87 points.

Jamie A is currently down 2.00 points and will pick up the win if either Stoke City v Newcastle United goes Over 2.5 goals or if Udinese draw with Parma. Daily 25 has a final total of -3.51 points.

The one group that is set after the weekend is Group G, with Mountain Mouse and Fairfranco on top.
Thanks again to Ian Erskine for sponsoring this sideshow, and the second round of Group matches will be on the weekend of Saturday, November 1st, ie Friday, 31st October thru Monday, 3rd November. 

As I use the Tuesday or Saturday date to determine which month the round falls into, this round will be the first for November's monthly prize.   
I’ll publish the full table once the Monday results are in, but above are the entries in profit to date. No less than 20 of 33 in profit, which is a lot more than I was expecting by this stage of the season. Not that the W-L-V totals are out of sync with the Selection total where entries have selections tonight.

With the end of September falling on Tuesday, the Monthly Prize for August / September will also include the handful of games on Wednesday (and any on Thursday) should anyone have any selections that day.

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