Saturday, 27 September 2014

Grøn All Over tak du

I occasionally take a look at where the hits on this blog are originating, and noticed a number today from a forum in Danish. Now Danish isn't one of my best languages, but the 'superstar', 'post' and 'blog' caught my attention. Mostly the 'superstar' to be honest.

Jeg følger allerede med i Cassinis blog og mener faktisk også det var dig der henviste til den i en anden tråd. Og er enig med dig i at Cassinis blog er særdeles fremragende.
Her er en anden post af superstar Cassini. Hans blog er det tætteste man kommer på guld efter min mening.

Her kigger han på hvordan hjemmebanefordelen er aftaget gennem årene - i nogle rækker.
Translation - per Google:
I already complies with the Cassini blog and think actually it was you who referred to it in another thread. And agree with you in that Cassini's blog is very excellent.
Here 's another post of superstar Cassini . His blog is the closest thing to gold in my opinion.
Here he looks at how the home advantage has diminished over the years - in some rows.
Made my day - excellent, superstar, gold... :)

Thanks whoever wrote those words, and yes, the decline in Home advantage is continuing this season. Early days, but the EPL Home Win percentage is currently very low at 31%, (10 year average 46.95%). Draws are the most frequent result to date, followed by Away wins, which is quite remarkable.

In the Bundesliga the current 40% is the lowest for at least 10 years (10-yr avg 45.23%), but they are the most frequent result, tied with the Draw. Aways are under-performing here.

In Italy, Spain and France, the Home Win remains the most frequent result, but Italy's 38% is also the lowest in at least 10 years, as is the 43% in Spain.

Only in France is the Home Win percentage holding up at previous levels, currently hitting at 47%.

It's a little early to draw any conclusions, but something to keep an eye on.

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