Monday, 8 September 2014

FTL Update 8.Sep.2014

With fewer entries than usual due to the top leagues being on an International break, no Monday matches selected, and only four downloads from Football Data required to bring you the numbers, here they are a little earlier than usual:

TFA_Raz and Mountain Mouse made their debuts winning ones with triple digit ROIs, and it was a good weekend for Fairfranco and Drawmaster who both added to their profits. 

Although Graeme (TFA) was idle from an FTL perspective, this was the first live weekend for his service. His Bounty entry for the FTL is a Draws system, which this week had no selections, and perhaps for good reason. Draws were few and far between this weekend. League 1 had one draw from seven matches, League 2 had four from eleven (one match to come) including a rare 4:4 and the Conference Premier had none from the full twelve matches. Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster found two from three, which was impressive, Online Trader found one from five, and Paul Watson found one from one, also impressive. 

We are still awaiting the first entries from eight people, and a reminder that the 'draw' / allocation of places for the Erskine Cup competition will be made after the weekend of September 20th. While doing a quick 'what if the allocation was today' practice run, I did see that TFA would currently have two entries in the same group, so if necessary I shall adjust the allocation to ensure that no group contains more than one entry from the same person. But there are still a couple of weeks to go, and it may not be necessary. 

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Matthew Trenhaile said...

Dear Padrino,

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This leads me to the question of how do you feel about the practice of dividend hunting portfolios with say a once a year reallocation and automatic dividend reinvestment? Is a diverse, high yield portfolio of large caps strictly managed able to squeeze more juice from the index tracking approach? Both methods will of course be often investing in similar companies effectively but with an added filter. This is something the amateur, thanks to discount brokers, can indulge in himself and costs are very manageable if you balance infrequently. These portfolios often contain the same faces year after year so balancing is not too arduous.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.