Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Cupsets And Updates

The big winner of the weekend was Football Elite, who made 7.14 points and would have had another 2.54 points had the Parma to beat Internazionale selection been submitted by the deadline. Talkies Tips also had his entry miss by several hours, although he benefited slightly by missing out, and Betcast's entry was apparently sent, but was never received as I mentioned on Saturday morning. Betcast would have made 0.88 points and won his Cup match v Jamie A, but to be fair to everyone, I have to honour the deadline. The good news is that Group H is wide open with every entry on three points.

Back to the League, and Football Elite's win propels them into the elite group up by 10 points or more:

Club Havana maintains his lead, with Trend to end having a poor weak and dropping to third with Fairfranco moving up to second. Another nine are in profit, but by less than ten points, and they are:
Fulltimebetting blog and BettingTools.co.uk were the best in class here, both up by three points and change, while Draw Picks were the big loser down 5.75 points.

The "Down by less than ten points" group looks like this:
Skeeve's long awaited debut was a losing one, but TFA_Raz was the biggest loser down 3.70 points. The big winner was Mortimer, up 3.53 points.

And finally, the strugglers:
Rubicon was the only one profitable in this group, though only by a modest 0.36 points, while Ian Erskine was down by 6.45 points.

Overall, the total profit is down to just 17.05 points from 3,331 bets.

Now to the Erskine Cup, and four entries have guaranteed themselves a place in the Round of 16, while four (all high profile entries) have been eliminated. The qualifiers are @ValueBankFooty, who has elected not to enter either of the first two rounds and won both, Abromo, Club Havana and Randolph. Eliminated are Cassini Value, TFA Draws,  Skeeve, and rather sadly Cup sponsor Ian Erskine.

The Groups as they currently stand are below, with the match results included:
On the subject of no entries on a Cup weekend, Stewboss commented:
I would award a walk over in match ups where there is a no show. Two walk overs is a draw.
The problem with this approach is that not only does it penalise someone for forgetting to submit their entry or whose entry gets 'lost' in the wires as happened to Betcast this week, but in betting, as in life, it is sometimes the correct decision to do nothing. No one should, in my opinion, ever be forced to make selections or penalised for not doing so.

A word of warning that I do have a holiday coming up shortly, (my wife's step-daughter is having her first baby this month),  and while the Cassini Service will continue, the FTL updates may fall a little behind for a couple of weeks.

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Marty said...

"No one should, in my opinion, ever be forced to make selections or penalised for not doing so."

As an entrant who lost to a no-show I have to say I completely agree with this. £0 profit is a benchmark we (presumably) all think we can beat - and if we fail to then we don't deserve any points.