Friday, 7 November 2014

FTL Update And No Shows

There were a few FTL matches in midweek, but no major changes. Randolph was the big winner making 5.01 points and moving up to 3rd place, followed by @ValueBankFooty who hit a treble, made 4.58 points and cruised up to 30th place. Football Elite continued his good November (he is the early leader in the race for the monthly prize) picking up 2.34 points and also moving up one spot. 

As we head to the weekend, here are the standings with the numbers for the last round and also for November:
OverGoalify will also be celebrating, as his one winning selection took him into the green, which of course means a share of the prize money.

Marty left a comment on my last post, specifically highlighting my statement that "No one should, in my opinion, ever be forced to make selections or penalised for not doing so."
As an entrant who lost to a no-show I have to say I completely agree with this. £0 profit is a benchmark we (presumably) all think we can beat - and if we fail to then we don't deserve any points.
I've written on this subject many times before, but some days there may be no value opportunities identified, while on other days there may be dozens. Forcing a bet is up there with setting targets in any top ten list of mistakes to avoid.
Daily targets are the most ridiculous. In the sports I mainly follow, some days there just aren't any value opportunities at all. Other days, there might be several. To force myself to bet when I shouldn't, or not bet when I should, is just nonsensical.

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ozz said...

Hi Cassini,

Could you please clarify your walk-over logic and justification:

On one hand we have:
"No one should, in my opinion, EVER be forced to make selections or penalised for not doing so."


On the other hand the very same FTL has the rule:

"Entries must make at least 76 selections to be eligible for prizes"

So if someone makes 65 selections and is the clear leader, he or she still would not get a penny i.e. will be penalised for not "forcing" further 11 selection.

Or if we follow the "£0 is a benchmark" and your cup walk over logic, even 0 selections should be absolutely acceptable.