Monday 1 June 2015

FTL - The End (Almost)

After 10 months, it’s all over. The first entries were received for the weekend on August 2nd 2014, the last were a few Serie A selections today, and after a total of 10,433 selections the overall winner is Gecko from Adelaide with a final total of 60.15 points. As a bonus, Gecko also clinched the April/May monthly prize. finished in second place with 45.25 points, while Randolph finished third with 27.58 points.

Only two others made a double figure profit; Club Havana made 14.51 points and Mortimer made 13.66 points.

The final round saw very little action or changes with only four people brave enough to play in the tricky waters of a league’s final round of matches, and three of those four probably regretting their decisions. The only winner of the round was Mountain Mouse who had one selection, Cagliari, and this one winner, and another 1.29 points. 

The round saw an overall loss of 2.71 points, and for the season as a whole, the deficit finished at 215.15 points, which sounds bad, but the negative ROI of 2.06% isn't to far off the 2% over-round that Pinnacle Sports (whose prices we use) work to.

Of the 33 entries, 16 finished with a profit, while 17 finished with a loss. The profitable entries were:
While on Quiz Shows, points usually mean prizes, two of the entries failed to reach the minimum requirement of 76 selections to be eligible for prizes, in case you were wondering why there are zeroes next to Over Goalify and Betcast's names. Their loss saved Bounty Boys Football Elite and Skeeve £50 each, while Fulltimebettingblog and TFA_Raz each gained a £25 bounty reward.

The remainder of the entries before we get on to the process for disbursement of the prizes:
With the prizes for the Erskine Cup and the monthly prizes, the settlement picture looks like this:
To minimise fees, I'll wait until I have the Bounty Payments and then pay out the respective total amounts shown above. 

The final Bounty totals are:
If Graeme, Matt, Skeeve and Stewboss could make their relevant payments to me via PayPal at in the next couple of days, I'll get the ball rolling for the lucky winners. If your name is above, please confirm the PayPal address you would like the funds to be paid into.

For probably the final time, another big thank you to Ian Erskine and Betcast for the sponsorship up front, and to the Bounty Boys for their generous results based sponsorship which has added another dimension to the competition. 


Marty said...

Thanks, Cassini, for your efforts - enjoyable to participate in and the blog posts were always a good read.

Stewboss said...

My poor performance was partly down to the European results and missing a few deadlines which coincided with some of my most profitable days. 100% my fault and I hold my hands up. Scoot over to my website results and you'll see what I mean. For the record, I believe the odds drop off between my Thursday prices and your Friday prices is approx. 3.2%.

Payment of £500 duly sent and thanks for running the league!!


LiZardBoy said...

Thanks very much indeed Cassini,

Delighted to have won and only fair to thank you for all your sterling efforts in running and updating the league, and also to the the Bounty Boys for their generosity in donating so much


LiZardBoy said...

ps and to Ian Erskine and Betcast too of course :-)

Graeme Dand said...

Thanks again for running the league Cassini and no idea where you find the time to do this! Good effort again and enjoyed reading the updates.

Bounty sent and if you run this next season, you can count me in again. I’m licking my wounds a little after a poor season’s betting, so I doubt I’d be as generous with the bounty next season but I’d definitely be up for throwing something into the pot again or putting up some form of bounty.



Ms Bank Builder said...

Hi Guys,

Have been watching your progress, v inspirational.

I have just started a little betting challenge of my own, you can read it here:

Good luck ;)