Monday, 17 August 2015

Road To Nowhere

Some people take my writing here a little too seriously, so to clarify I am, of course, teasing Steve M about Australia and its sport. For a nation of 23 million, they consistently punch above their weight in several team sports, as well as producing individual stars in other team sports and in individual sports such as golf, which as Steve pointed out on Twitter overnight, saw its final Major of the season won by Jason Day, no longer one of the best players to never win a Major.

Steve recently had a guest post from Matthew Trenhaile who some of you may be familiar with from his several previous thought proving and constructive comments to this blog. A well written and worth reading post from Matthew, and I also see he has his own blog, which I am happy to add to my blogroll. Matthew writes well, and is very knowledgeable about his subject, even if his choice of font and text colour takes me back about 30 years to my days as a computer programmer in the less than salubrious surroundings of West Croydon:
Another blog that might prove to be interesting is Cherry Analysts, whose intro reads:
I enjoy working out the puzzles of betting markets using maths and logic to beat the interest rates the banks offer. I stick to certain events that I enjoy and have shown that I can make a profit in over the last decade. The reason I stick to these markets is simple, I am happy to put hours of work into them as they interest me. You won’t see me giving out advice on Lithuanian under 19s Basketball for example, as I don’t care about it and in the end that would probably cost me money.
A man after my own heart, and it helps that the author also appears to be another Crystal Palace fan. Such good taste. Even closer to home than Crystal Palace, is a team called Whyteleafe. While following their fortunes on Twitter on Saturday, it appears there was a lot going on. The score went from 2:2 to 1:2 to 1:1 to 2:1 in the space of a few seconds. Amazing scenes.
Were the game in-play on Betfair, there would have been some interesting price movements! Whyteleafe eventually won 3:2 in case anyone is interested - first win of the season, although the gods of randomness were in a jovial mood at the end:

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