Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Aussie Time

Several of you appear to recognise a bargain when you see one, with both some renewals and new rookies signing on for next season. Rather oddly perhaps, an email from a non-renewer was just as pleasing to read:
I wont be renewing but this is no reflection on you or your service but purely a personal decision to not be involved in the betting world for now. Yours was one of my preferred service due its simplicity and efficiency. I run an ecommerce business which is growing and I need all my cash (and more!) for investment in stock. All being well I will return one day. I wish you good luck in the future.
And I wish the gentleman in question good luck with his new venture. The mention of simplicity and efficiency was shortly followed by a read of Steve (Daily 25's) latest post, which included these words of wisdom:
The biggest challenge for me has always been and I'm sure always will be not wasting time watching the games I have bet on.
Steve  preceded that nugget with:
I think the fact that I don't really care about betting is very helpful for me, while it might seem I spend a heap of time betting, the reality is it takes up less than 10 minutes each day and maybe an hour on Friday and Saturday.
I think the fact that Steve doesn't really care where he lives is more helpful. Steve's 'fortunate' to live in Australia, where decent sport is hard to come by (unless an England / British team is touring), but for those of us with a veritable smorgasbord of top class sport available year round, it's all too easy to spend (waste) a weekend watching sports.

More seriously, while we all want our betting hobby to be profitable, 'not caring' is a very good thing. Not having any pressure to make a profit keeps emotions out of our decision making, and it's another reason why full-time betting is, for most of us, a terrible idea.  

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