Friday, 2 September 2016

Joey's On The Street Again

My 972 hits on Wednesday blew away the opposition over at Betfair Pro Trader by a massive 6 hits. Yes!

Only 838 hits yesterday, (lost to Betfair POO Trader - No!) one of which was from Leicester's Joey Hughes, a rather foul-mouthed individual who took the time to leave a comment.
Before the comment and my response, it might be appropriate to look at Joey's background and record. (And thanks to those who helped with this). 
Joey describes himself as: Amateur Sports Trader. Always striving to be a better person. 

Well, apparently he still has a little work to do in that last department, but credit to him for coming out publicly recently and sharing this:
So perhaps Joey couldn't help himself, and it appears that he perhaps means well, but there's no excuse for writing abusive comments. Does he not learn from his previous mistakes? 
Joey grew older, older without a causeGot married, had some kids and had his brushes with the law
One can only presume that the adoption of Bside in place of his last name is because his adopted surname is where much of his talking comes from. His propensity for foul language is certainly well established:
If anyone is part of that vile group on Facebook for "Leicester Tigers Ultras" do yourself a favour and leave it. Don't be part of a group that condones that level of foul language and abuse to each other, players and officials.

To call themselves Ultras is just embarrassing too.

As a proud Leicester supporter of over twenty years, home and away, these are not our values and we should be ashamed to be associated with them, especially that Joey BSide character who appears to run it.
Joey is no stranger to making a fool of himself either, having been reported to Leicester Tigers Rugby Club:
...who were appalled to learn that someone wishing to be associated with them used threatening behaviour on a public platform to an opposition player.
The player in question was Northampton Saints Flanker Calum Clark who has a little history with Leicester. 

Twitter user @JoeyBside has quite a history too although his Tweets are, perhaps for the best, protected. 
The idea of an "Ultras" group requiring a "Head of Security" was very funny. Joey's brother Geoff is presumably the CEO of this esteemed organisation, and not averse to a little nepotism. I hope the position pays well. 
Anyway, you get the picture. An intelligent, erudite, sophisticated individual Joey is not. Here's his cleaned up comment:
What's in your ego that requires you to be a complete c***? He's not doing you any harm? Why go out of your way to mock him for your gain and entertainment?
First of all, no one does themselves any favours by resorting to such foul language. If you have a valid point, make it a little more eloquently.

Second, there is no gain for me in highlighting Big Pairs blog, and if anything, the publicity has probably raised Big Pairs’ profile and hit count. 

I can’t say that there was no entertainment value to be had – most posts I looked at had were quite amusing, even if the humour was unintended by the author.

The problem with these types of blog is that there are lots of gullible individuals out there who lack the sophistication to recognise BS when they see it. If the content goes unchallenged, then the more vulnerable among his readership might think that everything is bona fide, and at best waste their time reading it, at worst lose money trying to emulate the methods or paying for worthless advice.

Betting and trading sports profitably is not as easy as:

1) open an account

2) borrow money and deposit into account

3) sit down enthusiastically with plenty of water

4) start betting

5) make 10% a week

6) retire wealthy

and I don’t believe Big Pairs does the betting / trading world any favours by pretending that it is. 

Joey asks if it is doing me any harm? Not me personally, none at all, but even though I don’t use big words like him, I can recognise BS when I see it, and the blog has the potential for doing harm to others.

Long time readers may remember the Adam Heathcote saga. I came in for some abuse on that occasion too, before being proven right. That blog was similar, in that the writer sat down in his home office each day, traded away for a few hours taking care to stay well hydrated, and counted his money at the end of each day.

After a while, the writer set up an advisory service, (what a surprise), to which several gullible individuals subscribed despite my words of warning.
From the Betfair Forum, October 2009:
I would love to go to this, Adam Heathcote makes around 40k per month after doing his course 2 years ago. Check this out!!!! ;
As you can see, he calls making £1000 in a day 'average' !!!??!?! WTF?????
Good luck to you Spekkles i say.

I would not take too much notice of what Adam Heathcote says. He started a 'service' a few months back which basically told you what horses he thought were going to lengthen or get shorter so you could either back or lay then trade out before the start of the race.
Judging by the reaction of Punters on the Betfair Forum this £50 a month service was not a success & most of them were down considerable amounts :(
Someone else pointed out the obvious:
If making £1000 a day was just ok for him then why would he be bothered selling a service at £50 a month to fuck up his trading as all will be trading the same horses. It never fails to amaze me the services people get fooled by. your quite right Ossie ignore all the BS on his blog.
This is why these bogus claims need to be called out. People lose money because of them, and these are people who can't afford to be throwing their money away. They do harm.

The reality, that sports investing is slow and hard work, doesn’t appeal to many people, but imply to someone that they can retire in exactly 136 weeks from now after starting with £1,000 (albeit shared with a 'business partner') and they’re lapping it up.

Now far be it for me to say, but it would appear that Joey is one of the vulnerable people I mentioned, and probably didn’t like the truth being so ruthlessly exposed. 

You can see his trading isn't the most sophisticated here and he admits to being both 'rank' and 'amateur', but we all have to start somewhere. Just don't start by falling for nonsense. Read this blog from start to finish would be my, somewhat biased, suggestion.

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Jamie said...

I remember the Heathcote one. He disappeared without trace also. People need to realise there are more blaggers out there than there is people actually making any money. Talking of blagging the youtube video is still up there of Heatchote turning £7 into £1300 in 3 hours trading on the horses. I'd struggle to do that even if you told me the race results before the event.