Saturday, 25 February 2017

Forgetfulness, Immortality and Quality

Trader 24/7 pointed out, without saying as much, that my senior moments do occur:

You're British?! Now it all makes sense.
Mark Iverson was blogging before me too, starting in December 2006, and still active on Twitter today, even though his blog has been retired and he seems to have lost the plot as a trader by heading into...
Yes, yes - I forgot to complete the sentence due to a distraction of some kind. Trader 24/7 makes a few suggestions: 
...gee gee edgeless fantasy profits
...just gambling
...local Ladbrokes
...outer space
Indeed, the gee-gees is where I was going with that sentence, and I've got there now, but "just gambling" would have worked too. While Cassini isn't a traditionally British name, the Italian roots are so far back that I'll be supporting England on Sunday.   

Skeeve, one of, if not THE, best tipsters around, specialising in the under-researched National League, aka Level 5 of the English Football League system, appears to think I am immortal:
Congrats mate,
Here's to the next 2259! :)
It's highly unlikely that I have another 2,259 posts in me, because as James pointed out in his comment, it's about quality rather than quantity:
It does get harder to write good material year after year. I have slowed down myself as I would rather write quality rather than quantity. Not that I disparage the quality of this website. Always readable.
I was never that prolific a writer to start with, 178 articles in 7 years. Although some manual traders (the usual Twitterati) castigate me for writing anything at all. However, it is they who can't stop tweeting for 5 minutes whereas being an algo-trader gives me plenty of spare time that square-eyed manual traders can never have.
I have 15 drafts that I have been working on for many weeks but nothing that I wish to publish yet. Reading quality websites or receiving a message on Twitter gives me ideas that eventually become articles but are only published when I feel I have something to add to the world of trading.
Once a website achieves critical mass it will always receive a lot of hits via the Google search engine. The majority of my visitors come via Google and even though I don't write as much as I did I have not noticed much of a drop-off.
Quality will out... is for others to say.
One can't say that James doesn't produce quality articles. That he describes his postings as 'articles' rather than 'posts' rather sums it up. 'Articles' implies a certain amount of research, and since research takes time, you're never going to see several articles a week, but they are always worth waiting for. Of course James has, in between articles, had two well received books published, which is something most of us haven't accomplished.

In contrast to James and his seventeen articles in draft status, I have one. It's a good one though, looking at trends in some of the top and popular leagues this season, which may well turn out to be blips, but are worth keeping an eye on. Whether I've reached 1.5 million hits by the time it's published remains to be seen - 1,910 hits shy as of now.    

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