Tuesday, 12 September 2017

It Started Off So Well

... to borrow the opening line of the Queen song Save Me, and while I shall soon be far from home, I'm hoping it's not in the state of undress that the protagonist in the song finds himself in.

On Sunday night, I received an email from a reader which was extremely pleasing as he not only shared some data and thoughts with me, but also because it showed that at least one person enjoys the NCAAF and NFL posts.

The email concluded with:

PS: The NFL road dogs system looks like a winner tonight. :)
Pride comes before a fall. At the time of my reply, the early matches were concluding, with three winners out of three, and I wrote: 
For the NFL tonight I have Ravens, Giants, Seahawks, Colts, Jaguars, Raiders, Chargers and Saints.
Ravens won, Jaguars up 22, Raiders won - rest to come. I'm in good shape!
I should have said "this weekend" rather than "tonight" as the last two games were Monday Night games, but three winners at least out of the eight had me confident of a profitable start to the season.

Unfortunately from a system perspective, after my investments were applied, the Raiders shortened to +1.5 and were no longer an 'official' selection, so I was down to two winners with five games to come.

After that promising early start, things went downhill fast, which will teach me to gloat. The New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts all failed to cover in the later games on Sunday, while the Monday night games had one loss and one push. The New Orleans Saints were soundly beaten by the Minnesota Vikings while the San Diego, excuse me, Los Angeles, Chargers managed a push with a late surge from 17 points down, which felt like a win of course.


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