Friday, 16 February 2018

NBA Systems Half-Time Report

With the NBA idle this weekend for their All-Star weekend, it's a good time to look at how the current season is playing out. 

Some of you will recall that back in September, I made a case for backing the Overs on games where the total was set at 215.5 or higher, a system I named The Beast. How many of you took action on this I don't know, but you missed out if you didn't.

I predicted a very manageable average of around two bets a day, and the 264 selections to date is very close to that number, and the results so far are very good:

The higher totals are even more profitable, for example 219.5 and higher has a similar P and L but from just 57% of the bets:
Although the BLUnders system lost money last season for the first time since 2010, I've been excluding the high total games (over 215) resulting in just 25 selections so far this season, and only one in the entire month of January, but the 9.3% ROI so far is a good reward for patience. 


Marius Norheim said...

Hi Cassini,

I’ve been reading your articles on Green-All-Over from time to time. I like your statistical and no-nonesense approach to finding value in betting. We run Trademate Sports, a value betting service. Basically we signal when bookies offer odds that are too high compared to the sharpest in the market. I’m writing to ask whether you would want to test Trademate for a month or two. If you like what you see (or don’t) it would be awesome to hear so.

We also have our own blog where we focus on transparency and educating bettors. Would be cool to potentially collaborate in the form of guest posts or backlink swaps.


If any of this is interesting, you can reach me at marius[at]


Tony Stephens said...

Did you take up the offer of a free trial?

Marius Norheim said...

Hi Cassini, never hear back from you. Would be great if you could let me know one way or the other. No downside to trying Trademate for free really, and I'm sure you would agree with the logic of what we do once you give it a go.