Sunday, 1 September 2019

T-Bone Overdone

September's arrival means that we have just one more month of the regular MLB season remaining.

For those playing the T-Bone, official results for August are Money Line +4.75 points (ROI 8.0%) while the Run Line was up +2.25 points (ROI 5.7%).

Season overall: Money Line +27.45 points, (ROI 11.1%), Run Line +17.10 points (ROI 10.5%).

Historically, the month of September sees the most selections for this system, but is the least profitable (especially on the Run Line), so be careful if you are following along. 'Least profitable' is a charitable way of saying 'costly', especially in the opening game of a series. If the opponent won their previous game, you're better off fading the T-Bone pick.  

Ditching the 9 run total at the All-Star Break ensured the Overs system was profitable in August with a 27-18-1 record, while the Unders had only eight selections, but five winners for another profitable month. 

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