Wednesday 21 March 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

This blog has now been running for four years, with a total of 1,274 posts before today. Not all have been hugely interesting admittedly, but the other 1,272 have been...

If you think you've read that before, you are close - I edited the third anniversary post. Blog post number one was written on the first day of Spring 2008. Will the blog make it to five years? Possibly, if the (sensible) comments keep coming, and I can somehow find inspiration, and readers keep hitting. A year ago, I was looking forward to 250,000 hits. Today the count is 50% over that, 375,000 and counting. Next stop, half a million? Why not?

The blog continues to steer clear of P&Ls, which really don't make for an interesting read, and it will continue to seek out ideas from the news, forums, or other blogs. Speaking of which, if you are going to blog, and comment on other blogs, have the decency to be honest and not treat the reader as an idiot.

Average Guy wrote:
Damn right you are doing something right, best blog out there in my really important opinion. I'm just amazed that someone as knowledgeable as you appear to be, pays so much heed to the young and the restless.
Well, here I go again, because again Mr. 500, whose hit count must be through the roof after the recent publicity, is not being honest on his blog, and worse, suggesting that Cassini, middle name 'integrity', is not being honest.

The latest post, screenshot below, suggests I have invented 500's claim of being in profit for 2012. "Where exactly did you read that?" he asks.
Well, where did I read it. Hmmm. I know - here, a comment on my blog written just a few days ago, on Sunday, March 18th, 2012 to be precise:
I'm hoping my case is now rested permanently on this topic. It's getting a little old, but hopefully the blog will stay young and fresh for a while longer yet.

Like Cassini himself in fact.


Rodri said...

Happy Bday. More 4 please!! :)

500-5000 said...

Proves my point. It wasn't on my blog, (it was a comment on yours) and yes the topic is getting a little old now. If you bothered to read my latest blog entry you'll see I have cleared things up and hopefully laid an end to things with regards my P + L.

I hope you make it to 5 years with your blog. It's great you've got to 4.

Mark Iverson said...

I agree that P&L blogs can be tedious but I think a readership often like to have an idea of what the author is aiming for from the blog.

I had a comment on mine today alluding to this and it reminded me of what people liked to read when I started. They wanted to follow my journey and it's hard for them to do that if there's no roadmap.


The Sultan said...

Happy birthday Cassini! I'm with Mark on the P&L thing but it's all about what you do with it. If all you are doing is what O'Dwyer does (screenshot with no explanation of what he's done, how he's feeling etc) it is indeed boring. But I think most people are naturally curious and want to see what everyone else is making and it only takes a second or two to click and look at a P&L, even if te rest of the post is rubbish!

Average Guy said...

Long may you reign.

gundulf said...

Many happy returns Cassini.

Point of order, without wishing to get involved in the 500 v GAO war of words, 500's comment COULD be read that he's 'still' in profit since the start of 2012 - i.e. a carry over from a successful 2011 notwithstanding a poor start to 2012.

Not that I'm being pedantic, you understand :-)