Saturday, 11 May 2013

May Delay

I've been a little tardy on the Friendly Tipster League update from last week, but here is the table as of last Monday. The midweek updates and this weekend's results will be posted early next week. A lame excuse, but I have had family staying with me on all week, and my usual routine has been a little disrupted, but in a good way. It seems like forever ago, but the highlights from last weekend were that the leading XX Extended Draw category has seen its lead trimmed back after going 0 from 6 selections, while the second place XX Bundesliga selections had two winners from two selections. Among the other leaders, Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster found two draws from three, which guarantees the season will end in profit for these, and little change among the other 'in-profit' contenders.

In the red zone, Neil's nightmare Spring continued with four losses from four, and Football Elite's nightmare season continued with another losing weekend, while Talkbet chalked up a second profitable weekend in a row.
Nothing from a few of the regulars this weekend. With the silly season upon us, a few people are being extra cautious. My own XX Draws have had four selections voided in the last couple of weeks, with the draw price well below 3.0 - and three went on to be draws.

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