Friday, 14 June 2013

A Whale Of A Time

Regarding my recent Lazy Tiddlers and the Pareto Principle, The Investor commented:

I'm not sure the big fish need small fish. The winners need fun bettors.

So if you have 100 fun bettors betting 10 quid a week and they are replaced by 10 fun bettors betting 1k a week, the winners will be better off.
The problem I have with this is that while most people, I'll exclude my Mum, would have no problem dropping £10 a week on fun bets, there are not many people who would find it fun to drop £1,000 a week.

I appreciate that, in theory, £10 to someone on £25,000 a year is the same as £1,000 is £2,500,000 a year, but in my experience people on decent salaries have other ways of having fun and don't find losing £1,000 to be fun anyway. They might have fun dropping those sums on the craps tables in a Las Vegas Casino, (losing at gambling can be fun), but betting on-line is a different kettle of 'fish' and losing is never fun.

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