Saturday, 1 June 2013

FTL - Final Day

Not too much action or drama for the final day of the FTL season, as most entrants appear to already be on the beach. The XX Draws have a final three matches from La Liga, but nothing from anyone else.

Free Under Over Soccer Picks will doubtless be active today, but it's rather unlikely that he will make an impact at the top. Other than that, only table proppers Football Formbook might make a late selection, but the fat lady is warming her tonsils.

The standings after last week are below, except that the three XX Draw selections are already included assuming all end as 9-0 home wins with all nine goals in each match coming in the first half:

In other words, at least some of the Classic and Extended numbers should improve. (The 9-0 isn't me being pessimistic - I use that score as a place-holder and unfortunately didn't take a screen-shot of the table before I did it this week).

I should have a season review of the table done by Sunday. I know you can't wait.

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