Friday 28 June 2013

Staying Pure

I get this nonsense all the time. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Mark Iverson's displays of bookmaker adverts at best gives the impression that there is a conflict of interest.

Mark did respond though to say that no bookie money had been received - "to date" anyway, which rather begs the question why have bookie ads soiling the site in the first place:
Nice of you to pick up on my post Cassini. I am becoming more interested in the football betting markets and probably have you to thank for that.
Just for the record though, I'd like to make it clear that I've not received one penny to date from the Bookmakers on my site. Not through any affiliation deal or advertising etc. so it's not an income I'm reliant on. I just don't get the traffic and my readers tend to be quite experienced so the banners are just there to make the site look pretty and fill some space.

On top of that I do have those accounts and did use them frequently last season.
My view on this is that the only people who would want to advertise on this site are bookies or casinos - I don't get a lot of readers interested in cookery or gardening, at least they are not here pursuing that interest.

And the purpose of this blog is to impart my ideas about gambling wisdom, share and discuss ideas that will help others make money - and of course be a little provocative at times. I can only be a saint for so many hours a day.

The last think I want to do is help bookmakers or online casinos. They are not our friends, and I have as little to do with them as I can.

If I took money for adverts, it would feel a bit like the away dressing room at Brighton and Hove Albion FC before their devastating loss in the play-offs - rather shitty. And that little prank didn't work out too well for them.

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Mark Iverson said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't you written a number of blog articles for Bettingexpert?

Isn't their approach based on the Bookmaker affiliation model?

Not having a go, just curious why you're not keen to support Bookies through your site but seem happy to do so on another - what's the difference?


P.S. I think Bettingexpert is a very informative site with lots of thought provoking articles.