Sunday, 13 April 2014

Draw Focus

A couple of Monday night games still to come, but even if both end as draws it is still yet another dry weekend for Draws. In England, there was one from eight matches, Germany saw one from nine, and there were two draws in each of Italy (from nine games) and also France (from ten), and a massive three draws in Spain (from nine games). Nine from 45, one perfect draw, and the averages continue to decline.

As a group, the draw-hunters did quite well considering the unfavourable market conditions. Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster had just two selections, one of which was the game at Celta de Vigo. The draw at West Bromwich Albion was included in Peter's Premier Account Bet selections for a rare winner. The XX Draws found winners at West Bromwich Albion, Ajaccio, Reims and Bologna but the king of the draws this weekend is Jamie A who found all three in Spain plus in the game at Sassuolo from nine completed selections. He also has the draw (and Unders) in the match at Athletic Bilbao tomorrow night.

More of an update later when the prices are available.


Betslayer said...

You have missed off sotdoc / sotdraw, how did he do?

Cassini said...

It was another losing weekend for SOTDoc - down 0.7 points for a running total of -25.19 and a negative ROI of -33.14%.