Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Erskine Cup Final (Replay) Result

The inaugural Erskine Cup has finally found a home, and it will be Randolph's mantelpiece upon which it will sit despite his loss of 0.83. Losing finalist Gecko had his poorest outing for a while, and the worst of the round, dropping 6.02 points, but does have the consolation of holding onto his lead in the league - just. A mere 1.06 points now separates him from BettingTools.co.uk who picked up a round best 16.56 points and just like that, the seemingly secure lead has all but evaporated. BettingTools would have added another 3.88 points had they submitted the League One picks and Monday night's EPL game on time.

After more than 10,000 selections, we still have sixteen entries in profit:

Overall it was a good round, with entries making a combined 74.07 points. Talkies Tips had the second best profit of the weekend with 11.36 points, while TFA Euro Draws made 9.57 points. Jamie A was close behind in fourth gaining 9.53 and @ValueBankFooty made a decent 7.83 points.

With Sjosta sitting this round out, there were no big losers. Other than Gecko, no one lost more than two points. In terms of places, Faifranco was the big loser dropping three places despite winning 0.97 points, while the biggest gainers were Jamie A, XX Draws and sibling XX Unders which all moved up three spots.
The Bounty Boys had a profitable weekend. Football Elite made 1.29 points, and moved up one place trimming his liability to £275. Skeeve's mainstay Conference National is over bar the play-offs, and he was idle this weekend with his liability actually increasing to £400 as he dropped two places. TFA Draws made 0.99 points but remains in 18th place with a liability of £425 while Football Investor was also profitable, making 2.66 points but actually dropping one place with his liability remaining at the capped £500.
The race for the monthly prize for April / May looks like this:
The FTL ends at the end of this month, with the final over the May 29-Jun 1 weekend.

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