Saturday, 2 May 2015

FTL Update 30.April

Although the weekend round has already started, there were a few entries in midweek with lots of games in Spain and Italy and a few in England and France. Overall it was another losing round with 6.62 points lost taking the total loss for April to 103.26. A new record. The two profitable entries were who made 2.15 points, a mirror image of XX Draws who lost the same amount. Jamie A was also profitable, but his haul of 0.09 points won't have rung any alarm bells with the leaders. Other losers were XX Unders (-0.40), Rubicon (-0.31) and Football Investor who dropped 6.00 points.

Those entries with either a point or positional change are:

Had the monthly prize been for April alone rather than combined with May, the winner would have been Gecko:
Gecko and Randolph are both in action this weekend in the Erskine Cup Final (Replay) with each's picks sent to the other so that they can check results in real-time. 

One final comment is that, per the Official Rules, the minimum number of selections to be qualified for prizes is 76, and we don't have too many weeks left, so if you're not up there yet, start selecting! The FTL will run to Sunday 31st May 2015, which is the final round of Serie A, the last of the top leagues to wrap up. 

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