Monday, 18 May 2015

FTL Update 17.May

It would usually be quite exciting to announce that the big winner of the weekend was my XX Draws, but when the largest profit of the round is just 1.01 points, that's not really much to be excited about. Fellow Draw man Draw Picks made 0.60 points, and Over Goalify (+0.39 points) were the only other entries in profit on a round with a net loss of 32.95 points.

The losing side of the coin was led by Talkies Tips (-6.00 points), followed by Drawmaster (-5.00), Gecko (-4.06) and TFZ_Raz (-4.00) with nine other entries dropping lower amounts.

No one moved up more than one place, and the big losers on places were Football Elite and Talkies Tips who both dropped three positions. Gecko slipped off his perch to leave on top, and we have just two weeks to go.

The 'in-profit' entries are:

The entries in the red are:
TFA Draws leads the way for the April / May monthly prize:

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