Saturday, 4 June 2016


Although this blog tries to stay away from being about profit and loss, it does occur to me that as a self-declared zen master of sports, trading football, horse racing, cricket, tennis, shinty and shove ha'penny, whilst Forex trading and juggling chainsaws all at the same time I might add, my numbers for June so far might be of interest.

On Tuesday 1st June, I made £3,698.87 backing Manchester United to win the Cup Final in 90 minutes

On Thursday 3rd June, I made £4,875.43 on the NBL finals - Golden State Lakers v Cleveland Browns

On Friday 4th June, I made £5,368.73 on the Royal Ascot Derby. A total profit of £18,730.12 so far as you can clearly see. I'll be selling my secrets soon but until then, keep checking back for more in-depth quality analysis from the Great Cassini.

Nice to get that out of the way, before looking at James' latest comment. About my last post, Mr Picky had this to say:
Call me Mr Picky but shouldn't that CPFC sign, which reads, "Heartbeat of South London since 1905" read "Heartbeat of the County of Surrey 1905-1965, whereupon it was absorbed into Greater London."?
And I thought I was pedantic! James is quite right - in 1965 the County Borough of Croydon was abolished and much to my mother's chagrin, was combined with the Coulsdon and Purley Urban District to form the London Borough of Croydon. She is still in denial over the decision, referring to her home as Purley, SURREY at every opportunity. It was initially proposed that Caterham be included in London, but that plan was dropped, although anyone who knows the area would probably struggle to justify why Purley and Coulsdon are London towns, but Caterham and Warlingham aren't.    

I hope that the people responsible for that banner are reading this and feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves! For those who like trivia, Surrey hasn't had a Football League club since London expanded.

I'm reading one of those profit and loss blogs at the moment. You know the type, "Look at me. Ego the size of a planet. I'm going to master sports trading football, horse racing, cricket, tennis, shinty and shove ha'penny, whilst forex trading and juggling chainsaws all at the same time."

Fine. Good for you. But please try and be consistent in your "journal". If on the first day of the month you posted a loss then your monthly tally cannot and can never be positive.

Figures that don't add up are an obvious hint to readers that you are not telling the truth. Maybe you made a mistake but if you cannot add up then you're in the wrong game. Dropping a strategy from your portfolio when it begins to go south so that you can quietly remove its losses from your monthly figures just makes you look like a clown.

No wonder the majority of these bloggers don't post their real names.
I'd love to know which blog he's... hey, wait a minute!


James said...

Well, Green All Over is certainly the most ground breaking of websites.

I've never known anyone alter their P&L to make themselves look worse than they really are.

However, you yourself have mentioned Benford's Law so I can discount your first paragrpah as jovial folly.

The actual perpetrator is probably none the wiser.

Finally, I must thank you for pointing out that CPFC does try to include the more wholesome aspects of continental ultra support even though they have yet to pass GCSE Geography.

If you want to come in with me on an investment plan I have to start Surrey's first ASSOCIATION foote-ball club since 1965 then I would be more than happy to have you. I was thinking of two locations...

1) Woking Whisperers (on presumption that the support will be typically English) or

2) Guildford Bombers, errr maybe not.

Robbo the trader said...

Phew, James is alive and well, I posted a comment to his blog about the pnl's and it never appeared. To be honest I was getting a bit worried all that back patting had done him some harm.