Monday, 27 June 2016

All Over

What perfect timing for my Euro 2016 post and the profits to be had from backing Unders.

Cue a day which saw all three matches go Over, including a match where a team (France) came from losing at half-time to winning at full-time in a Euros knock-out game - something not achieved since the first ever knock-out game on July 6th, 1960.

Coincidentally, that game was also in France and also involved France, who led Yugoslavia 2:1 at half-time before losing 4:5. They actually led 4:2 with 15 minutes left before Yugoslavia scored three goals in four minutes.

Since that first knock-out game, 64 more have been played, with just six teams trailing at half-time coming back to advance - three after extra-time, two on penalties, and one via the golden goal.

France become the only team to have come from losing at half-time to advancing twice, the others accomplishing this are Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Italy, West Germany, Spain and Portugal.

On the losing side are Yugoslavia (3 times), plus France, Denmark, Portugal, England and now the Republic of Ireland.

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